Common Agenda

Vision, Mission, community wide assessments and plans, Collective Impact, de‐duplication, effective use of fiscal and human resources in systems.



Continuous use of data in planning and implementation, utilization of family protective factor in some collaborative projects, Child Well-being (CWB) indicators, DHHS and Juvenile Justice Data.


 Reinforcing Activities

Inter‐related Juvenile Justice and Child Well Being Plan, braided resources for Juvenile Justice outcomes (St. Francis Medical Center, CWB, Schools, Community), community grant applications based on plans, collaborative process for selecting and implementing EB/EI practices, cross training for EB/EI practices, partnerships to address community context


Constant Communication

Listserve as primary communication vehicle, website in progress.


 Backbone Organization

Monthly meetings until January 2013 (every other month thereafter), currently six collaborative meetings per year, work groups/task forces, Steering Committee selected by partners, agenda set by partners.